Tornillo Hidrodinámica

Having been installed on Monday 15th June 2009, this Spaans Babcock Ltd Archimedes Screw Generator was generating power 4 days later from the river Alham in Somerset. This 11kw unit was installed for a private individual on a small weir in a garden. A new stone weir wall was built to replace the existing crumbling wall. An intake section was built to house and support the upper end of the equipment. A simple pad was built downstream and the unit mounted between the two points as a fully self-supporting unit.

Fully self-contained screw turbine is being lifted in place

The Spaans Babcock Archimedean screw takes a percentage of the flow from the river which is controlled by the control panel via the intake weir gate. This meets the requirements of the rivers Agency. The remaining flow passes over the weir on its original course. The flow is screened by a 130mm inlet bar screen to remove large objects and guard for safety. The flow passes through the slowly rotating fish friendly screw turbine fitted with rubber bumper strips to prevent fish damage.
The control panel includes a touch screen interface and the facility for remote login via the internet. This allows the owner / operator to monitor and check on the installation either locally or from anywhere where they can access an internet connected computer or suitable device.

The installed screw including a simple control cubicle

The client’s investment in the equipment will reduce his Carbon Footprint by the production of renewable energy for his home. The excess generated power will be exported via the local grid connection for which he will receive income. This robust and low maintenance solution offers longevity for generation for all types of water flow on low head applications with a reasonable flow.

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