Spaans Babcock has supplied, installed and commissioned 2014 the Archimedes screw generator together with the gates, control panel and VSD of the hydro power plant Unterzeirung. A fish friendly design with ECO-coating and ECO-bearing. This idyllic picturesque mall hydro power plant has been built on the former industrial site which once  served for the iron melting.
The still existing old  Francis  turbine was used in former days to deliver the energy for the steel mill. Nowadays the Francis turbine is still in operation and is operating together with the Spaans Babcock screw generator.

The Spaans Babcock control panel takes care of the control of the Francis turbine as well as the screw generator and the gates. An intake section was built to house and support the upper end of the equipment. A simple pad was built downstream and the unit mounted between the two points as a semi self-supporting unit.

The Spaans Babcock Archimedean screw takes a percentage of the flow from the river which is controlled by the control panel via variable frequency drive. The other part will be taken by the Francis turbine. The flow passes through the slowly rotating fish friendly screw turbine fitted with rubber bumper strips to prevent fish damage. The ECO lower bearing takes care about the environment and is maintenance free with low operational costs. The control panel includes a touch screen interface and the facility for remote login via the internet. This allows the owner / operator to monitor and check on the installation either locally or from anyplace where they can access an internet connected computer or suitable device.

Installed Power [ Kw]:
Deisgn flow rate [m³ / s]:
Head [m]
Turbine diameter [m]



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