Huge aerator order in United Arab Emirates

Spaans Babcock have received a large order in Abu Dhabi. It concerns design, production and supply of 56 surface aerators for 2 different locations near Abu Dhabi. Despite the global economic recession Spaans Babcock continue to move forward in a positive manner.

The equipment to be provided is Spaans Babcock O2Max aerators, which will be produced in Balk. They have diameters of 2.6 and 3 meters and are to be installed in waste water treatment plants where 80.000m3 and 300.000m3 water per day will be treated.

Spaans Babcock has carried out several tests for its customer on the O2Max aerators to show the efficiency and oxygen input to the customer.

The design of the O2Max guarantees very high oxygen input efficiency.
The excellent mixing and propulsion capacity allows the O2Max to be installed in all types of aeration systems such as complete mix, SBR, oxidations ditches and lagoons. The O2Max can be supplied in two different options. Either as fixed arrangement for mounting on a concrete or steel bridge or as a floating unit. The customer in Abu Dhabi chose the fixed application.

The order size amounts to almost € 2 million and the installation will take place in 2010. The customer is an international contractor, who is responsible for water treatment in the region of Abu Dhabi.