The experienced and motivated personnel of the service department of Spaans Babcock are, without exception, highly qualified specialists in their own field. In a time where budgets are more and more under pressure, this division has specialised itself in offering economical justified customised solutions for every technical problem. You will be even more aware of Spaans Babcock’s quality, safety, user-friendliness and reliability than you were after the initial installation of our products.

The service department draws its historical information from an impressive archive which has been built up from an invaluable wealth of experience over the last 50 years, in the form of drawings, calculations and correspondence.

The service department has disposal of engineering capacity in case a specific process, technical and/or other specialised knowledge is required.

The service department provides world-wide advice, maintenance, inspections and modifications for:

  • All Spaans products
  • All Möltgen products
  • All Bormet products
  • All brands screw pump installations

The products and services of the service department are (24 hours per day and 7 days per week) at your disposal, and you can reach us day and night via our special, intelligent call centre in the Netherlands (+31 514 608 282). For local intervention, our own service team is supported by an international agent and dealer network; therefore we can guarantee world-wide fast and professional support.

All wear-sensitive parts are in stock at our warehouse. In emergencies a special courier service is at our disposal, through which critical parts can be delivered on location very fast and in western Europe even within 24 hour.


  • Technical modification and improvement proposals for, for instance, life span extension or expense control
  • Process optimisation proposals
  • Modernisation proposals
  • Expense saving proposals
  • Return on Investment calculations
  • (Bearing) life span and other constructional calculations
  • Design calculations
  • Customised maintenance advic

Erection and putting the installation into operation

  • Erection and installation
  • Putting the installation into operation
  • Instruction for operational and maintenance personnel
  • Transfer to operational personnel

Correctional maintenance

  • Replacement and repair of lower bearings of all brands and types of screw pumps
  • Bringing all brands and types of screw pumps back to their original diameter by means of steel strips
  • Replacing/renewing of steel or concrete troughs
  • Conversion and replacement of aerator dishes and drive units
  • Conversion and overhaul of fine screens
  • Converting and/or replacing drive units and/or gear boxes

Preventive maintenance

  • Annual status control with extensive report and recommendations
  • Periodical maintenance
  • Maintenance contracts

Modifying maintenance

  • Calculation and delivery of frequency controllers
  • Raising of touch points
  • Capacity increasing/lowering of screw pump installations

Predictive maintenance

  • CM measurement and advice