Hydro Power

Screw Turbine


  • Ideal application of the screw generator with small geodetic heads.
  • High and constant efficiency with different capacities and head: The efficiency curve shows a flat and high efficiency over a wide range of the capacity. Varying capacities and heads hardly have effect on the efficiency. The screw generator does not need any grease pump for lubrication of the bottom bearing which will improve the efficiency and decrease operational costs.
  • Very high efficiency compared to the water Wheel and other low head turbines.
  • Fish friendly: Several independent tests have showed the fish friendliness of the Spaans screw generator and pump. In the Netherlands, Canada, the USA and other countries, the Spaans screw pump will also be used as a fish ladder by pumping fish.
  • Robust, extreme reliable and a long life time: The Spaans screw turbine, consist of a few wear parts. The combination with the low rotational frequency results in low wear. A lifetime of over 30 years is not an exception, where the efficiency stays the same over the years.


  • Open system: Large solid parts such as plastic, wood or small stones can pass the screw generator without having any effect on the screw turbine or its efficiency.
  • Maintenance friendly and low maintenance costs: Due to the simple and robust design, the Spaans Babcock screw generator installations require minimum maintenance.
  • No fine screen is necessary.
  • Only a simple static bar screen can be used to prevent large items from entering the screw generator. This saves costs, prevent head loss and allow fish passage.
  • The Spaans Babcock screw turbine is designed to operate with variable and fixed speed.
  • The Spaans Babcock screw turbine  has a power generation up to 500 kW per screw.
  • Wide range of flows, the Spaans Babcock screw generator is capable of handling flows from 0,1m3/s – 15m3/s each.
  • Multi screw generators is possible. They can be installed in parallel and in series.
  • Wide range of heads. Any head up to 12m for a single stage up to 24m for a two stage (series) installation is possible.
  • No cleaning necessary. Cleaning of the screw generator is not necessary. The Spaans Babcock screw generator is self cleaning. There is no efficiency loss due to dirt build up.
  • Low civil costs. Simple foundation with two concrete supports can be sufficient. Units can be specifically designed to suit existing civil layouts.