’t Kabel
Pumping Station

Together with contractor K. Dekker, Spaans Babcock has completed the construction of the new build pumping station ’t Kabel in Nieuw Vennip – The Netherlands. The old pumping station did not meet current standards and regulations and after 30 years of service the Rijnland Water Board decided to replace the pumping station with the most modern screw pump pumping station available in the market.

Spaans Babcock and K. Dekker were shown to be the most economical after the bid evaluation. Their joint bid was especially highly rated on energy use and efficiency in project execution.
The project has now been succesfully commisssioned. The pumping station has a capacity of 135 m3/min, a screw diameter of 2.5 meter and a 45 kW high efficiency drive unit.

Pumping station ’t Kabel has a steel trough with a completely integrated in- and outlet section. Also the drive unit and control panel enclosure is a totally integrated part of the pre-fab construction. This design limits on-site construction time and minimises construction risks. The reduced site construction time also significantly reduces the time and costs needed for temporary pumps. Divers were used during construction to even further optimise the whole construction period and costs.

Fully integrated steel pumping station have demonstrated a long life time with a very low demand for maintenance. Spaans Babcock has used this design for decades. These days it comes with an environmentally friendly, high quality, non-abrasive coating system. Spaans Babcock has used their newest completely enclosed ECO bearing in this project, which eliminates any risk of grease getting into the surface water.

Spaans Babcock has installed their unique rubber fish bumper to optimise and guarantee the fish friendliness of the design. Special noise reducing covers have been installed to reduce the impact on nearby housing.
At ’t Kabel Pumping Station, the Rijnland Water Board is ready for the future, with this fish and environmentally friendly pumping station.

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