Senegal irrigation

Spaans Babcock has supplied, installed and commissioned three complete Archimedean screw pumps including engines, gearboxes and bearings. A special design with high grade-coating and ECObearings. In order to develop the agro culture in Senegal, the government decided together with European funding to implement a pumping station for irrigation in the Dakar region. Due to the fact that the site is remote, the engineering company  ecided to use the Archimedean screw pump. The Spaans Babcock screw pump has a lot of advantages which makes it very suitable for irrigation purposes. Long lifetime combined with low maintenance and gentile handling of the biological flock makes this solution ideal. Together with a local crew the Spaans Babcock technicians supervised the installation. Afterwards they did the commissioning, whilst the crew is being trained for operating and maintaining the pumping station.

Installed Power [Kw]:
Design flow rate [m³ / s]:
Head [m]:
Screw Diameter: 2,5
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