A unique Bormet feature

The block design of the Bormet screen ensures low wear, simple maintenance and a Heavy-duty machine which minimises your total operational costs.

What is this unique block design?
The basic difference with other, conventional designs is to be found in the construction of the filter belt from stainless steel shafts and ABS elements:
Where all other available belts are built up like a giant network with a staggered arrangement of filter elements on several shafts, all connected to each other, the Bormet filter belt is based on an arrangement of individual horizontal blocks of filter elements grouped together on 2 shafts, forming a modular block.

Conventional design by others - Network construction

Due to the construction, the elements in the conventional filter belt are constantly pivoting and rubbing against each other, causing excessive wear.




Spaans Bormet - Block design

With the Bormet block design however, the elements within one block are fixed on two shafts and not rubbing against each other while there is not physical contact between the individual filter blocks.