Screw Pumps


The excellent qualities of Archimedean Screw Pumps make them ideally suitable for:

STP's: Sewage Inlet Pumps

On most STP’s gravity propels the raw sewage below ground level to the plant. The use of Archimedean screw pumps makes it possible to lift large quantities of sewage to a higher level without the need of installing a screen upstream below ground level.

Storm Water Pumping Stations (Flood Control)

Storm Water Pumping Stations are often waiting in stand-by mode (for 80% of the year) but when heavy rainfall suddenly strikes, they must be immediately ready to start pumping thousands of cubic meters of polluted rainwater containing lots of debris. The storm water pumps must not get blocked during these critical hours! The Archimedes screw pump is the only type of pump that can offer this reliability.

Drainage Pumping Stations

The typical problem of drainage pumping stations is the fluctuation in inlet level. The screw pumps are ideally suitable to handle this fluctuation in inlet level because the pump efficiency (hence energy consumption) is almost uneffected by changing levels. Also the screw pump will automatically pump less when the level in front of the pump decreases.

Industrial Waste Water

In the industry you can find several varied applications for Screw Pumps:

  • Cooling Water Outfall Pumps
  • Refineries: for oily sludge and waste water
  • Potato processing industry
  • Sugar industry
  • many more …