Zavojne pumpe

Screw pump basic forms

Screw Pumps come in 3 basic forms:

Screw Pump in a Concrete Trough

The classic and most common form is the arrangement of the screw pump in an open concrete trough where the screw, suspended between the upper- and lower bearing, rotates free from the trough with a minimal gap of only a few millimetres.
In order to achieve the perfect trough that is just a few millimetres larger in diameter than the screw pump, the trough is formed (screeded) with the help of the slow rotating screw itself which has been temporarily provided with a screed-strip; while soft concrete is poured in the trough, the rotation of the screw forms a perfect ‘imprint’ of the screw.
Spaans Babcock has several experienced supervisors available to assist with installation and screeding anywhere in the world.

Screw Pump with a Steel Trough Liner

Although this type requires a similar civil construction as the previous described ‘concrete trough’, there is however no screeding to be done!; instead a prefabricated steel trough liner is backfilled with concrete. Spaans Babcock prefabricates the trough (either in steel or stainless steel) at the exact diameter and ships it together with the pump.
The steel trough liner increases the wear resistance of the trough in situations where lots of stones and pebbles come to the inlet.

Compact Screw Pump (ESP: Encased Screw Pump)

For this type there is no civil construction required! A prefabricated self-supporting steel construction with integrated inlet-section, outlet-section, trough, screw pump and drive unit is preassambled in our factory and shipped in one piece, ready for immediate installation. The only civil requirement is a support in the inlet channel and a support on the outlet channel. The compact screw pump is ideal for small capacities but is also applied for capacities up to 5 m3/sec.